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At the Jane Goodall Institute, feedback serves as a cornerstone in our commitment to fostering an organizational culture that champions and safeguards human rights. It embodies our dedication to prioritizing the protection of all individuals connected to our work and programs and is realized through our unwavering dedication to learning and evolving. Your feedback empowers us to hold ourselves accountable and responsible for our actions, ensuring they align with our values and mission.  

We recognize that feedback is both a process and a reflection of our commitment to continuous improvement and the embodiment of our pledge to do better always. 

Formal Complaint Reporting

This feedback category is designed for individuals to report concerns, issues, or grievances they may have encountered. Your report will go through a structured process to ensure it is addressed and resolved efficiently.


At the Jane Goodall Institute, our ethos revolves around creating a world where every individual is shielded from harm and abuse. Guided by the JGI Code of Ethics & Business Conduct, we instill in all JGI personnel an expectation to treat everyone, including community members, with utmost compassion and respect. To ensure the protection of every individual’s rights, we center our efforts around three key safeguarding objectives: 

  • Prioritizing Human Rights: Our foremost aim is to cultivate an organizational culture that not only values but actively safeguards human rights.
  • Learning and Community Engagement: We embrace community feedback and program evaluations as learning opportunities, shaping our community-led, participatory approach. 
  • Accountability and Responsibility: We hold ourselves accountable, ensuring our actions align with our values and principles, thus upholding the highest standards of responsibility. 

Through these objectives, we remain dedicated to fostering a safe, inclusive, and accountable environment within our work and communities. 


Complaints may be reported through multiple channels and in multiple languages using the following methods:

By Email:

By Phone:

+1 703 682 9254

The Jane Goodall Institute – USA Headquarters
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Washington, DC 20036
Telephone: (703) 682-9220
Fax: (703) 682-9312

Appreciation and Testimonials


At the Jane Goodall Institute, we deeply value your experiences and stories. Your testimonials and comments about our programs are invaluable. They fuel our mission, driving us to continuously improve and create meaningful change. 


We value your experiences and would love to hear your stories about the impact of our programs and initiatives. Please take a moment to share your thoughts with us.  

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