Impact 2020 Annual Report

Our fragile planet has been transformed by a global pandemic, the Climate Crisis, apathy and eco-anxiety, and growing threats to ecosystems, biodiversity, and human communities like never before. But yet, in the face of so much suffering, hope became our “spark in the dark” as we navigated 2020 to further our mission with your help.  

From Covid-19 to the Climate Crisis, 2020 presented massive challenges that tested JGI’s core philosophy—that there is always hope, and that hope has the power to transform our world for the better. And so, in the face of so much suffering, hope illuminated the path of our work from navigating a global pandemic to protecting biodiversity to growing the next generation of compassionate citizens. Hope reaffirmed our commitment to science in all we do, from fighting climate change to animal welfare. No one shared a message of hope more widely or more confidently than Dr. Goodall herself. Even as she remained on lockdown at her family home in Bournemouth in the south of England, she stayed connected to and inspired generations of fans and followers through becoming ‘Virtual Jane.’ 

Below you will find exciting updates and stories on JGI USA’s work in 2020. A center focus to understand and contextualize this work is the dashboard below provided by our Decision Support System (DSS). Explore the maps to see how JGI scientists demonstrate the status and trends in chimpanzee habitat and population viability indicators in JGI chimpscapes.

Dr. Goodall, who previously spent upwards of 300 days a year on the road, was forced to remain at home in England. But, thanks to virtual platforms, she was able to continue building connections, increasing compassion, and sharing her message of hope.


Like the rest of the world, JGI had to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and protocols to ensure that we could continue to fulfill our mission, generate positive outcomes across our programs, and keep our staff and precious wildlife safe. Covid-19 affected JGI operations around the world. Community engagement programs were postponed, advocacy campaigns were put on hold, and building construction stopped. At the same time, requests for emergency funding by conservation partners and sanctuaries increased. But JGI has never shied away from challenges. Together, we found a way forward through hope.



Dr. Goodall has spent six decades transforming our understanding of the natural world and inspiring action on behalf of it. Through years of advocacy, community-building, innovative conservation programs, and a living legacy of pioneering research, she has become a global phenomenon who influences millions of people worldwide. Her message is crucial to creating positive action on behalf of environmental advocacy, compassionate and sustainable coexistence with wildlife and ecosystems, animal welfare, climate action, and more.

In addition to the work to spread Dr. Goodall’s message, preserving and sharing her story for the next generation is a fundamental tenet of JGI’s work. Her contributions and tangible assets—journals, research, and images— are among the most comprehensive of any public figure in modern history. JGI continues to archive and disseminate Dr. Goodall’s precious living history to empower the scientific community and inspire and activate compassionate citizens for today and tomorrow. In 2020, she became ‘Virtual Jane’ and brought her message to the hearts and minds of people who needed it most via new online programs and a podcast, social media, and a documentary film. She and JGI also continued to partner on advocacy efforts, reaching out to policy makers and activists about the most pressing issues in an already challenging year. 



JGI is a science-driven organization advancing innovative research and technology to demonstrate our true connection to the natural world, our responsibility to the other beings with whom we share this planet, and how our human intellect can solve the greatest problems of our time. Science cuts across every aspect of the organization in a systems-driven approach that tackles complex questions through the lens of the interconnection among wildlife, people, and the environment. JGI’s Gombe Stream Research Center—which continues the innovative research Dr. Goodall began decades ago—is just one example. 

Across our work, JGI uses cutting-edge data collection and cloud-based sharing platforms that document and combine local knowledge and values with state-of-the-art science data models and innovative research to spark new solutions and insights. In addition, the core of our conservation work supports communityled approaches and decision-making from the ground to the cloud, providing tech and tools for sustainable, holistic, and people-centered impact. Science is where we started, and it’s where we’re going next.  


*Note: The map below is sensitive to a scrolling mouse to change the scale of the images.*

JGI Tanzania locally elected Forest Monitor using mobile applications including Esri’s Survey 123 to track and monitor forest reserve health.

Dr. Goodall and JGI staff with community members using high resolution GIS maps to support conservation planning.


Above: Dashboard of the DSS showing the status and trends in chimpanzee habitat and population viability indicators in chimpscapes. Users can use the dashboard to explore and visualize trends and get new insights.

Technology and visualizations like this further confirm knowledge of trends towards global deforestation and biodiversity loss. It is with tools like this that JGI can help decision-makers prioritize action, supporting local communities and governments to protect areas from destruction and/or allow for natural regeneration. Though our aim is always to improve indicators to “Very Good,” in most cases maintaining or slightly improving indicators is a huge success. This technology emphasizes the need to further invest in GIS decision-making tools and the urgent need for habitat and chimpanzee conservation through community-led approaches.

For example, the Albertine Rift montane forests chimpscape on the map experienced a surge in habitat loss after 2013. Conservation strategies need to adapt to deal with the increase in threats and avoid degradation of habitat health from “Fair” to “Poor” in the near future.
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How to use the Dashboard: of the DSS showing the status and trends in chimpanzee habitat and population viability indicators in chimpscapes. The system integrates more than 30,000 Landsat satellite images and generates data used to document these indicators over time. The DSS utilizes Esri’s ArcGIS platform and cloud operations, to visualize this data for decision-makers using the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation, ranking populations and habitats with clear conditions of “Very Good,” “Good,” “Fair,” and “Poor.”

This map interactive allows you to explore the habitat and population viability indicators across JGI chimpscapes. You can zoom into regions or chimpscapes to assess how viability has changed. For example, across Tanzania, among the core chimpanzee ranges and corridors defined by the Tanzania Chimpanzee Conservation Action Plan, degradation of chimpanzee habitat went from “Fair” to “Poor” in Ugalla corridor between 2014-2019.
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Dr. Goodall has always espoused those efforts to conserve chimpanzees, other essential species, and their habitats must happen in collaboration with local people as empowered leaders and stewards. Chimpanzees across the chimpanzee range are threatened primarily by habitat loss, disease, and illegal wildlife trade. For the last 30 years, JGI has been a pioneer of community-led conservation, also known as Tacare, which focuses on addressing drivers of threats that serve as challenges for both humans and wildlife. This means focusing on many of the inequities in these regions, and empowering communities to be conservation decision-makers for the improved well-being of humans, wildlife, and ecosystems alike. 

Community-led conservation looked a bit different in 2020, but it was no less successful. In Tanzania, Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and other program countries, JGI worked with NGOs, local governments, and individuals to expand and operationalize our efforts to build a better world for people, other animals, and their shared environment.

Community members participating in JGI’s USAID funded Landscape Conservation in Western Tanzania project which included composting training for conservation outcomes and improved agricultural yield.

Kisinza Mzee Ibrahim is a 48-year-old single mother of two LCWT microcredit (COCOBA) leader and family planning educator.



of leadership roles within target community institutions are occupied by women


generated from sustainable alternative livelihoods adopted by target communities.


individuals reached through JGI programs


girls reached through JGI interventions, completing primary and secondary school in targeted communities


scholarships for high-achieving young women and girls attending secondary and post-secondary academic programs


members of Community Conservation banks in Western Tanzania


The climate crisis is the greatest existential threat of our time. Many communities and ecosystems are seeing increasing flooding, heat stress, water scarcity, extreme and destructive weather patterns, rising sea levels, and drought, which is causing suffering for humans and wildlife alike. Additionally, economic, gender, and racial inequities put marginalized communities at disproportionate risk as we face the worst of climate impacts. At JGI, we focus particularly on deforestation and habitat loss which also serves as a great solution—the restoration and regeneration of forests. We are also monitoring landscapes, from space and in the field, assessing potential climate change effects on natural systems, and using these insights to inform interventions that will ensure a sustainable future for all.

Local community and larger strategic partnerships, inspiring individual and collective action, and advancing climate justice all play an important role in JGI’s conservation efforts.  

Mr. Mujuni Godfrey from Katanga region, for example, is now a model native tree farmer who has planted more than 10,000 tree seedlings in one year.

Photo by Chase Pickering


individuals (e.g. rangers, forest monitors, eco-guards, forest guards) reached through training for improved protection and/or management of community conservation areas (disaggregated by gender)


hectares of chimpanzee habitat under management for conservation


trees planted by Roots & Shoots groups in Tanzania and Uganda


To become agents of change, young people need support, skills, connection with their peers, and a sense of agency. Roots & Shoots, JGI’s youth program, is a grassroots movement that empowers young people through best practices in service-learning and humane education to create local impact. Today, in over 60 countries worldwide and all 50 states, hundreds of thousands of youth complete community projects related to social justice, pollution, climate change, and other pressing issues that matter most to them. Recognized by the World Health Organization and the United Nations as an innovative and effective youth program, Roots & Shoots gives everyone a way to make a difference.

Youth Making Change Despite Covid-19 Challenges

As Roots & Shoots adapted to operating in a pandemic, the program created new opportunities including a family toolkit, learn-at-home guides, Covid-friendly project ideas, and adaptations for social distancing. Those efforts to overcome pandemic obstacles and a newly designed website helped thousands of young people to make positive change in 2020. It also helped Roots & Shoots distribute nearly 160 project grants totaling almost $33,000 in support, with 56 percent of grants going to Title I schools. And while many young people felt alone, we made sure to grow our community of connection exposing 9.5 million people to ways to join the Roots & Shoots program. Some notable examples include our Earth Day PSAs with Cartoon Network and the Big Green Draw with the Walt Disney Family Museum. We also worked with Lady Gaga’s Born this Way Foundation, Unicef, Best Friends Animal Society, Microsoft, HP, Trillion Trees, Global Landscapes Forum, and many more! Our work collaborating with companies and media like Crate & Barrel, National Geographic, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon increased Roots & Shoots program exposure and brought impactful service-learning and ways to take action to young people across the country.

Roots & Shoots member Seraphina, leader of bee sanctuary projects in Georgia.

Roots & Shoots project Neighborhood Trash Clean Up



new members registered online


new young people helped to develop compassionate traits


1-Click Actions completed


people reached with Dr. Goodall’s message of hope, and inspired through shared stories of action


new community action projects started by young people


individuals signed up for Roots & Shoots Challenges

Africa Programs


Roots & Shoots groups implementing activities across Africa Program countries that promote respect for chimpanzees and their habitats


Dr. Goodall’s research demonstrating that non-human animals are sentient, complex, intelligent, compassionate, and have innate value transformed human understanding of our relationship with the natural world. It also increased reverence and respect for the other beings with whom we share our planet. Through decades of advocacy on behalf of chimpanzees, worldwide wildlife, and animals in captive facilities, Dr. Goodall and JGI have fundamentally improved life for innumerable species.

By supporting best-in-class care and practices for appropriate captive welfare in our model sanctuaries like Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center, by expanding and growing advocacy and partnerships to protect nonhuman animals, and by developing campaigns to improve public awareness and human behavior, JGI is delivering on a world that recognizes our place within—not above—the rest of the animal kingdom.  

Rescued infant chimpanzee Zeze, who lost his eye while being taken for the illegal pet trade.

Rescued infant chimpanzee Perrine – survivor of the illegal wildlife trade and recepient of one of only two chimpanzee-to-chimpanzee blood transfusions in Africa – both at JGI’s Tchimpounga Sanctuary.



chimpanzees at Tchimpounga Center in Republic of the Congo


Welfare Index of chimpanzees in Tchimpounga Center


JGI’s approach to creating a better world recognizes that the needs and threats facing people, other animals, and the environment are interconnected. All three must operate in harmony for mutual sustainability. JGI’s One Health strategy takes an integrated, holistic approach for the well-being of our world and its diversity of inhabitants. Many scientists predict that the next pandemic will be a result of our continued imbalance with the natural world, particularly as deforestation puts humans and wildlife in closer proximity along with illegal wildlife crime.

Amidst much of our advocacy to protect humans and wildlife, our Gombe One Health Hub is a direct community-led ecosystem health platform, built on decades of innovative work, that is dedicated to monitoring, understanding, and preventing zoonotic spillovers. In 2020, As part of our One Health team, JGI colleagues published five peer-reviewed papers including ‘Antimicrobial resistance creates threat to chimpanzee health and conservation in the wild’ in Pathogens, and ‘COVID-19: Protect great apes during human pandemic’ in Nature 


Mosquito vector collected as part of JGI’s partnership with Microsoft in ‘Project Premonition’ to monitor and prevent zoonotic spillover events in the GMU landscape.

JGI’s One Health Hub launched in 2020 integrating data to better understand and track disease and relationships between people, wildlife, and ecosystems.



fecal samples collected in 2020


daily health sheets completed and added to long-term data collected since 2004


media pieces of One Health, Gombe, Great Apes and Covid-19 in 2020


Accountability and transparency are important at JGI. Annual reports and our financial filings give us the opportunity to share highlights from our programs, the impact they are making, and how we use the resources provided by our donors to make this work possible. We watch every expense to ensure that as much money as possible goes to on-the-ground, mission-oriented programs. We value the trust and commitment of our donors, and we endeavor every day to deliver real results while maximizing the impact of our donors’ support. The work we do is much greater than what we can include in any single report.
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The Jane Goodall Institute is tremendously grateful to our Board of Directors for their shared leadership and collaboration in the pursuit of our mission.

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The Jane Goodall Institute is tremendously grateful to our global sister chapters and offices for their shared leadership and collaboration in the pursuit of our mission.

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“The efforts of the Jane Goodall Institute and all who are fighting to save species and the environment are indeed the reason for hope. I am so grateful to our donors for your support of JGI USA so that we can be a beacon of hope for chimpanzees and the ecosystems they and so many other species depend on. Your support also allows us to continue empowering young people around the globe to shape a better world for all. Thank you.”

– Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE

A Lifetime of Service to Community and Conservation

JGI remembers the life and service of John Silver, who passed away at his home in Santa Fe, NM, at the age of 69 in September 2021. John supported the Institute with his leadership, considerable experience, and wise counsel from 2009 to 2013 when he served as both Co-Chairman and Vice-Chairman. He also acted as chair of the Philanthropy Committee and was a long-term member of the Roots & Shoots Committee, which was one of his passions. JGI was also the recipient of
his legal expertise and he provided us with pro bono legal assistance for many years after he rolled off the board. John’s warm personality and sense of humor made him such a pleasure to work with and he will be deeply missed by all of us at JGI who were the recipients of his kindness and generosity.

A native of Santa Fe, John graduated from Santa Fe High School where he was a star tennis player. Although injury prevented him from pursuing his dream of becoming a professional athlete, John continued to teach and play tennis for many years. John turned his sights to the law. After graduating from the University of New Mexico Law School in 1977, he established a practice focusing on trusts, estates, and real estate. In 1984 he married his wife Gloria Silver, a ballet dancer, and they had two children, twins Tom and Johanna, in 1992.

A deep commitment to serving his community was instilled by John’s parents. In addition to supporting local organizations like the Santa Fe Children’s Museum, the Museum of New Mexico Foundation, and the St. Vincent Hospital Foundation, he also gave back to national and international organizations like JGI and the Allene and Jerome Lapides Foundation. John was instrumental in connecting the Lapides Foundation to JGI, which resulted in more than $1 million of support
to help young people affect positive change in their communities through JGI’s Roots & Shoots program.

Investments Reach Across the Globe

As a supporter, champion, and board member of JGI, Reed has provided innumerable opportunities and essential funds for our robust, world-bettering programs. In 2020, along with the rest of the world, our sanctuary and partner sanctuaries faced the crippling crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a key leader in the Save the Sanctuaries fundraising campaign of 2020, Reed provided a one-million-dollar match to all funds raised. As a result, more than $2.6 million of vital and life-saving funds went to sanctuaries across countries in Africa to ensure the health, safety, and continued viability of these important facilities. Reed Oppenheimer is the true embodiment of what it means to be a proactive and  compassionate leader and JGI is grateful for his ongoing generosity and support.

Smart Strategies for Great Apes

Since 2000, the Arcus Foundation has been working to ensure the conservation of, and respect for, the world’s great apes and gibbons. Like JGI, Arcus recognizes that a range of interconnected issues affect wildlife, and that to protect and conserve great apes requires diverse strategies. One of those strategies has been to support JGI with the implementation of components of the Conservation Action Plan (CAP) for Great Apes in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Through the CAP, JGI has coordinated more than a dozen organizations to conserve wildlife while improving the livelihoods of human communities—the core of our
Tacare philosophy.

JGI’s One Health Hub launched in 2020 integrating data to better understand and track disease and relationships between people, wildlife, and ecosystems.


Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Ron & Diane Disney Miller Charitable Trust

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Stadler Family Foundation

Fletcher Foundation

Acton Family Giving

Brenda Sheridan

George Macricostas

Jeanne Coleman


The Jane Goodall Institute is grateful to the following individuals, corporations and foundations for their support in 2019:

Individual Donors


Jean McGuire Coleman
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Kristin Taylor
J. Holley Taylor
Cindy Taylor-Lisenby
Katherine Tetrick
Joyce and William Thibodeaux
Edward Thomas
Kathleen N. Thomas
Carol Thrane
Ninad Tipnis
Victoria Trauscht
Gayle Treber
Peggy Turner
Elizabeth Van Vleck
William Vanburen
Nicole Victor
Frank Vito
William Vogt and Claire Eberwein
Aaron Wald
Anna Walker
Diana J. Washburn
Gary and Ann Wasserman
Dr. Amy Wechsler
Cynthia C. Weglarz
Eileen R. Welly
William A. West
Georgiana White
Suzanne White
Bonda L. White
Pamela White
Jill Willbanks
Linda Willis
Danielle and Lee Wilson
Roddy Wong
Wendie Wunderwald
Lulu Yang
Michael Yannell
Eric Young
Don Zancanella
Alvin Zheng
Carli Zug and Steve Szymanski
Irma Zuniga

Bequests and Estates

Estate of Dorothy Holzworth in memory of Althea Barlow
Estate of Dorothy Nulty
Estate of Evelyn Gaul
Estate of Heather Amira Colman-McGell
Estate of Helen W M Brackett
Estate of Jean Cinader

Estate of Jill C. Bryson
Estate of Judi O. Munn
Estate of Madeleine Stanford
Estate of Marilyn Preusse
Estate of Mary Joan Allen
Estate of Natasha Brenner
Estate of Patricia M. Watson
Estate of Robert L. Feuer
Estate of Sally Stream

Estate of Theodra Raven
Estate of Thomas R. Wise
Estate of Violet Moffat
Estate of Wendy Appel
Estate to Susan Smith
The Joan M. Phillips Family Trust
The Josef Tatelbaum Foundation of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Corporations / Corporate Foundations


Day International US, Inc.
Delta Air Lines
Dr. Scholl Foundation
Facebook United Way
MasterClass / Yanka Industries
Microsoft Corporation
Thomas D. Mangelsen, Inc. Foundation


Gotham Artists
Lucky 8 TV LLC
Nature’s Path / EnviroKidz
Park Foundation, Inc
Schmidt’s Naturals
Select Equity Group Foundation
The Life Coach School


Asia Initiatives
Bone Clones, Inc.
Drew Doggett Photography
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
MoneyWise Solutions
Pacific Gas & Electric
Purrfect Cat Rescue
U.S. Chemicals, LLC

Foundations, Trusts and
Donor-Advised Funds


Ian Somerhalder Foundation


Acton Family Giving
Arcus Foundation
Dalio Philanthropies
Diane and Ron Miller Charitable Fund / The Walt Disney Family Museum
Dr. William T. and Dorothy D. Moore Family Charitable
Fletcher Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Foley Family Revocable Trust
Guthrie Charitable Fund of Schwab Charitable
Lincoln J. Robinson Philanthropic Fund
The Benevity Community Impact Fund


Allene and Jerome Lapides Foundation, Inc.
Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
Eleanor Phipps Price Charitable Fund of Schwab Charitable
Ellin and Michael Simmons Fund at Schwab Charitable
Environmental Research Advocates Johnny Carson Foundation Julian Grace Foundation
Linda K. Berdine Charitable Fund at the American Endowment Foundation
Manaaki Foundation
Merlin Foundation
Peter and Mary Russo Family Foundation
Strong-Cuevas Foundation
The Caldwell Fisher Charitable Foundation
The Charles Spear Charitable Foundation
The Joseph Handleman “I Believe in You” Trust
The Ros Foundation
The Wanda Bobowski Fund


Alice Turner Foundation
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Claudia Miller Charitable Fund of Schwab Charitable
Do a Good Day Foundation at U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
GS Gives Annual Giving Fund
Inman Foundation
Kate W. Cassidy Foundation
Leo S. Guthman Fund
Levitt-Neckermann Family Fund of JP Morgan Donor Advised Fund
Mirthwood Fund at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation
Mitchel Fromm Family Foundation
Pollack Family Gift Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation
Robert K. Goldman Family Trust
Rodney M Propp Foundation Inc.
SEE Fund of Schwab Charitable
Silverstein Family Fund at Fidelity Charitable
SOAR Foundation
Susan and Richard Graver Fund at Vanguard Charitable
Suwinski Family Foundation, Inc.
The Apple Lane Foundation
The Bickham Charitable Fund of the US Charitable Gift Trust
The Jana and Jason Scislowicz Charitable Fund of Schwab Charitable
The Katherine J. Bishop Fund of Vanguard Charitable
The Leibowitz and Greenway Family Foundation
The Nancy P. and Richard K. Robbins Family Foundation
The Shumard Red Oak Fund of Fidelity Charitable
The White Pine Fund


Aaron and Patricia Blumberg Foundation
Addison Fischer
Anita Bonna Charitable Fund at Greater Horizons

Annie Bauer Donor Advised Fund at Schwab Charitable
Barbour Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Bernard and Angela Harr Charitable Trust
Block-Schwenk Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Bright Funds Foundation
Brightside Charitable Foundation
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Brothers Industry Fund of Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Buckmaster Foundation at Fidelity Charitable
C. B. Laub Family Foundation
Carl Forstmann Memorial Foundation
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Clara Foundation Inc.
Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Cortopassi Family Foundation
Dangelmaier Giving Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Dave and Laurie Serfas Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Dhiraj and Agni Bhatt Giving Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Duncan Louis Stewart Foundation
Edith M. Greenwood Living Tust
Ehrenberg Richman Family Charitable Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Einzig Family Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Elise R. Berlin Charitable Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Elizabeth A. Holland Charitable Fund at American Endowment Foundation
Ellen and Blaise Doremus Fund at J.P. Morgan Securities Charitable Gift Fund
Feline Family Trust
Frits and Letty Vanderlinden Charitable Fund of Schwab Charitable
Gabel Foundation at Fidelity Charitable
Gale Epstein Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Ganatra Family Charitable Foundation
George Q. Daley and Amy C. Edmondson Charitable Fund at American Endowment Foundation
Gilbert and Judy Shelton Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
Gould Marshall Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Ham and Katherine Smythe Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
Hampton S. Lynch Jr. Charitable Fund
Hoover Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Janette and David Long Fund of the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Janis and Alan Menken Charity Fund
Jessie M. Harris Fund at Fidelity Charitable
John J. Moller Family Foundation
Julian A. & Lois G. Brodsky Foundation
Kerry Masters Compassion For Animals Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Klein Family Charitable Fund
Krupp Family Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
Lairmore Family Trust of Fidelity Charitable
Lappen Family Foundation
Laura Frank Family Foundation of the Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust
Lehr Family Charitable Fund
Linda Jacobs Charitable Giving Fund
Lipman Charitable Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Margaret Wood Charitable Fund
Maria Foundation
Mark Family Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Matt Ginsburg and Janet Franklin Family Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Maynard P. and Katherine Z. Buehler Foundation Fund
McBride Family & Aspen Business Center Foundation
McCreary Family Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Meredith Stoddard Giving Account at Fidelity Charitable
Michelle Hirsch Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable

Morris Family Giving Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Kaplan Giving Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Natoli Family Giving Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Navas-Robbins Trust
Pamela Fair and Glen Sullivan Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
Paskow Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Peter Fogliano & Hal Lester Foundation, Inc.
Philip and Sally Kipper Charitable Fund of Schwab Charitable
Pledgeling Foundation
Porter/Cromer Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Rising Tide Generational Trust
Roebuck-Catts Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable
S2 Foundation at Fidelity Charitable
Sanghrajka Foundation at Schwab Charitable
Santosha Charitable Gift Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Seder Family Foundation
Sharon Baker
Shelley Jo Pozez Fund of the Jewish Comm. Found. of Southern Arizona
Snyder Family Charitable Fund
Stephanie Shambaugh Charitable Fund at the National Philanthropic Trust
Stephen Wolf
Susan Julia Ross Fund
Taylor Family Foundation
The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
The Buchanan Foundation Fund at Fidelity Charitable
The Chris and Maureen Kenney Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
The Cooper Family Charitable Fund at Vanguard Charitable
The Dauber Memorial Fund at Vanguard Charitable
The David H. Blair and Mary B. Blair Charitable Fund of Vanguard Charitable
The Dixit Family Gift Fund at Renaissance Charitable
The Double Eagle Foundation
The Fisse Davis Charitable Fund
The Foster Trust
The Giannandrea Family Fund
The Gorlitz Foundation
The Grace Jones Richardson Trust
The Harmon Family Foundation
The Harry Donenfeld Foundation
The Honickman Foundation
The Hyman Levine Family Foundation
The James and Helen McCaffery Charitable Trust
The Jamie M. Manders, DDS and James M. Riopelle, MD Charitable Fund at Vanguard Charitable
The Josephine Peiser Charitable Foundation
The Lynch Family Charitable Fund at J.P. Morgan Charitable
The Mitchell D. Phaiah Foundation, Inc.
The Philip Lee Ellis & Elizabeth B. Ellis Foundation
The Phyllis & Donald Epstein Foundation
The Reidler Foundation
The Ronald Krumm Charitable Fund of Vanguard Charitable
The Sielaff Family Foundation at The Seattle Foundation
The Susan and Ford Schumann Foundation
The Title Family Foundation
The Walt and Elizabeth Bachman Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
The Wiesinger Andrews Fund at Vanguard Charitable
The Wood Family Fund at Vanguard Charitable
Theodore C.C. Chu Revocable Trust
Victoria Sujata Charitable Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Wadsworth Foundation
Walter A. and Brenda S. Berg Charitable Trust at Fidelity Charitable
Whitney Charitable Foundation
Zunz Family Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Organizations / Partners

National Geographic Society
Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG)
Detroit Zoological Society
Duke University

Franklin & Marshall College
Network for Good
North Carolina State University
The Zoological Society of San Diego

Unitarian Universalists for Ethical Treatment of Animals
United Way
University of Colorado – Boulder
University of Pennsylvania
Wildlife Conservation Network

The Jane Goodall Institute would like to express our thanks to the following individuals who provided imagery
for this report (in order of appearance): John Templeton Foundation, JGI-RoC/Fernando Turmo, National Geographic, National Geographic Museum, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Vincent Calmel, JGI USA/Lilian Pintea, NASA, JGI-TZ/Madua Musa, JGI DRC, JGI Uganda, One Tree Planted, JGI-USA/Carlos Drews, JGI Tanzania, JGI-USA/Bill Wallauer, JGI-USA/Ashley Sullivan, Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection, Chase Pickering, JGI-TZ/Gombe Stream Research Center.