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Beekeeping and Honey Production
November 21, 2016 Ashley Sullivan

Hives of Beekeeping Entrepreneurs Improve Lives and Protect the Environment

As part of JGI’s commitment to creating alternative livelihood options for people living in and around critical habitat, we work with several local communities in Tanzania and Uganda to facilitate construction and maintenance of beehives. By providing beekeeping equipment, skills and apiculture knowledge, JGI has been able to assist local people in producing and harvesting organic quality honey, and other products like propolis and wax, to sell at markets both domestically and internationally.

Honey from these modern beehives can be collected and sold sustainably to provide a new and viable source of income. This reduces dependence on economic activities that pose a threat to chimpanzees and other wildlife along with their habitat, like logging, mining or hunting for bushmeat. Not only do beehives provide a source of income, they also attract and support natural pollinators that keep the forests healthy.

Photo credits on this page, top to bottom and left to right: JGI/Shawn Sweeney


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