Jane Goodall Enlists Communities Around the World to Help Save Our Planet

Jane Goodall Enlists Communities Around the World to Help Save Our Planet
September 21, 2021 swgadmin

World Renown Environmentalist’s ‘Trees for Jane’ Campaign Supports UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and the Trillion Tree campaign

  • Trees for Jane – inspired by Goodall, DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace – aims to stop deforestation and help replenish the world’s dwindling stock of trees and forests through community-based protection and reforestation programs.
  • Campaign aims to inspire, educate and engage a global audience to act now, as the world nears a tipping point in the fight against climate change.
  • In the launch film, A Trillion Trees, Goodall calls on every person and every business to plant and care for trees in their backyards, on rooftops or with local community groups.
  • People and businesses can support forest protection and restoration efforts led by indigenous leaders, forest communities, NGOs working to stop deforestation at www.TreesforJane.org

New York City, New York – September 21, 2021 – Today, during UN General assembly and Climate Week, world renowned environmentalist Dr. Jane Goodall announced Trees for Jane – a grassroots movement to educate people on the effects of deforestation. The movement hopes to galvanize a global audience — from students and teachers, to activists, to corporations and governments – to take immediate action to replenish the world’s forests. The campaign launches in support of the UN’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and their previously announced goal to plant one trillion trees by 2030, encouraging all citizens of the world to plant and care for a tree.

Trees for Jane arrives at a moment in time where our planet’s health feels more perilous than ever. Over the last few months, severe drought and record high temperatures have dramatically increased the severity of wildfires and lengthened wildfire seasons around the world, only underscoring the urgent case for action.

A Simple Call to Act in Three Ways
While Goodall encourages all viewers to plant a tree, the film also reinforces the importance of protecting and restoring trees. Anyone can join the cause by planting a tree or donating at https://treesforjane.org

Protect: Research shows, forests are being cleared on a massive scale to create inexpensive land used for beef, palm oil, soy and paper production. Trees for Jane will raise funds to support the best protectors of the forests— forest communities, indigenous leaders, and on-the-ground NGOs – to help in the critically important fight to stop deforestation. Get involved or learn more at https://treesforjane.org/protect/

Restore: Forest restoration projects have ramped up over recent years, but the world’s forests remain at risk. Trees for Jane hopes to add new momentum to existing efforts to restore our planet’s lost biodiversity. Supported global restoration projects are focused on degraded lands associated with the Amazon River, and in Congo and Borneo, among other at-risk tropical forest locations. Get involved or learn more at https://treesforjane.org/restore/

Plant: Trees for Jane encourages as many people as possible to plant and grow trees of their own. Beyond helping the environment, caring for trees can be incredibly beneficial to personal health, especially in urban areas where trees clean the air while bringing beauty, joy and shade. Goodall believes planting a tree is a great way to personalize the important connection between people and nature. Anyone can learn how to plant and care for trees in their yard or community at: https://treesforjane.org/plant/

Why are Trees So Important?
Planting, protecting and restoring trees are not new solutions—they are tried and tested. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report that paints a more dire picture of the climate emergency than ever before. Goodall recognises the ambition of Trees for Jane, but also believes in the power of each individual to support the United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration (#GenerationRestoration) and the Trillion Tree Campaign—a global call to arms to save and restore our forests.

Throughout her lifetime, Jane Goodall has continuously held herself to the highest standards of care and integrity in her work. Following her lead, Trees for Jane is dedicated to doing the same.

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE said: “Trees are the foundation of our ecosystem, our planet. They provide food, water, shelter, medical cures. They create the oxygen we breathe, while absorbing the carbon dioxide that threatens our climate. One-third of all carbon in the atmosphere can be reduced by nature’s best solution to climate change: protecting and planting trees. I have always said that each one of us can make a difference. Protecting, restoring, and planting trees is a very tangible way to save our climate while creating a better world for all living creatures. If we all take responsibility for our trees, I believe we can make a real difference to the health of our planet.”

Jeff Horowitz, forest-climate advocate and founder of Trees for Jane said: “There is no one better suited than Jane Goodall to motivate people from around the world to seize this moment, take action, and inspire the hope that if we work together, we can fight climate change and help save our planet.”

Inger Andersen, Executive Director of UNEP said:“The Decade of Ecosystem Restoration is a decade of urgency. Ten years sound like a long time. But scientists tell us it is really all the time we have to prevent massive biodiversity loss and catastrophic climate change. For the UN Decade to be a success, we must all take action – for our forests, in our cities and gardens. We can all be part of a Generation Restoration, and ‘Trees for Jane’ empowers people to do so.”

Karen Kahn, Global Head of Corporate Affairs & CCO, HP and Trees for Jane advisor said: ‘“Climate change is a defining challenge of our time that demands immediate action and investment – NGOs, governments and the private sector must partner to drive solutions. To meet this moment, we are honored to support Jane Goodall as a founding partner of Trees for Jane. HP has a longstanding commitment to climate action and the conservation of forest ecosystems, as well as furthering corporate accountability. It is not only the right thing to do, but also an increasingly important driver of business innovation and growth. Bold steps are needed now and by many to create a lasting future. ’’