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November 5, 2018

New $20 Million Landscape Wide Tanzanian Conservation Program Led by the Jane Goodall Institute Announced

New program, funded with support by USAID, continues organization’s commitment to species conservation through sustainable development and habitat protection.

Today, with support and funding from the United States government through its Agency for International Development, the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) announced the launch of the Landscape Conservation in Western Tanzania (LCWT), a five-year USD $20 million program. The program is designed to build upon and magnify JGI’s expertise of nearly 25 years’ experience in Tanzania to protect endangered chimpanzee populations and their habitats while empowering local communities in what is known as the Gombe-Masito-Ugalla (GMU) ecosystem. The LCWT program, implemented in partnership with Pathfinder International and the RTI International, will provide the necessary support to sustain and grow JGI’s efforts like never before.

Read the full announcement about the award here.

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