Gift & Estate Planning

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We invite you to share your legacy with Jane’s in fostering hope and a secure future for all living things.

Make a difference with us.

Our work is made possible in large part through the generous gifts of thousands of individuals like you each year. If you would like to support our programs far into the future, please explore the information we present for you here. You may find you can make a meaningful gift while meeting your personal planning goals too. Each year, millions of individuals make gifts to charitable organizations of their choice, including the Jane Goodall Institute. The funds from these gifts are used to help ensure the continued excellence in any number of our crucial programs.

Many people have found that time spent considering the best ways to structure their financial contributions can help them make meaningful gifts while meeting personal planning goals as well.

Ways to Give


What is an estate plan and why do I need one?

Although the word “estate” might sound overwhelming, it simply represents all the property you own at the time you pass away. An estate plan, which can range from a simple will to a more complex trust, conveys your instructions for how you want your property to one day pass to loved ones and/or charities.

Without an estate plan, the State where you live determines how your property will be distributed. Here we provide helpful information about how you can make sure your wishes are honored.


Circle of Hope


For members of the Circle of Hope

We would like to invite you to join our Circle of Hope which is a special group of supporters who have agreed to advise the Institute that they have included the our organization in their will or estate plan.

We welcome you to join us as we steward the Jane Goodall Institute into the future.



Member Story: Becci and Mark Crowe

Meet JGI Board Member Becci Crowe and her husband, Mark, who have joined the Circle of Hope by making JGI a beneficiary of their will.