Storytime with Jane


Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace shares virtual readings of some of her favorite books from her home in Bournemouth, England!

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Rickie & Henri

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Dr. Jane reads ‘Eagle & the Wren’, taking us to flight with a community of birds.

Rickie the chimpanzee lived happily with her mother in the rain forests of Central Africa, warm and safe until the day the hunters came and took Rickie away to sell at a Congolese market. Fortunately, she was rescued by a kind man who adopted Rickie and cared for her. Best of all, he provided an unexpected friend in his dog, Henri.

This true story of friendship is heartwarmingly brought to life by renowned scientist, conservationist, and peace activist Dr. Jane Goodall.

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Rickie & Henri

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Dr. Goodall is a Dame of the British Empire, UN Messenger of Peace, and the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute.
The mission of the Jane Goodall Institute is to understand and protect chimpanzees, other apes, and their habitats, and to work towards creating an informed and compassionate society who will help to create a better world for people, other animals, and our shared environment.

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