Strategy: Public Awareness & Environmental Education

Habitat loss and poaching for the bushmeat and exotic pet trades are some of the biggest threats facing chimpanzees. We help communities understand and adhere to the laws that protect these species.

Building Care Through Consciousness and Understanding

If the Jane Goodall Institute is to achieve real and lasting results in our efforts to save chimpanzees from extinction, it is essential that we increase awareness and understanding of great ape conservation in communities throughout the chimpanzee range.

By launching a variety environmental education projects, JGI is reaching thousands of people living in and near chimpanzee habitats. These projects include public awareness billboard campaigns that teach people that killing or trafficking great apes is a crime, television programs about the forest and the animals that rely on it, and community outreach. Most important is our school-based programming, where we aim to instill a respect and sense of stewardship for the environment in the children who will one day be the ones who must stand up for great apes and the forests they call home.

Photo credits on this page, top to bottom and left to right: JGI/ Fernando Turmo