Strategy: Research

Building on Dr. Jane Goodall’s pioneering research at Gombe Stream Research Center, we continue learning about wild chimpanzee populations and leading groundbreaking research on mandrills and other primates.

Discovery Unlocks New Worlds of Knowledge and Hope

Since she first stepped foot in the forest of Gombe National Park, Tanzania, in 1960, Dr. Jane Goodall has given the world an extraordinary window into the lives of our closest living relatives. Her discoveries at Gombe rocked the scientific world, and made us question our assumptions not only about chimpanzees, but humanity itself.

Founded in 1965, today the Gombe Stream Research Center is home to the longest-running field research on chimpanzees and remains a world-class research station that uses the best available methods to advance innovative science, support conservation, train Tanzanian scientists, and further develop the long-term primate research and investigation started by Dr. Jane Goodall. This research has proved integral to our understanding of chimpanzees and of early humans, as well as modern human behavior and health.

Continuing the legacy of Gombe research is essential to our understanding of chimpanzees, their conservation needs, and the efficacy of our strategies to save them.

Photo credits on this page, top to bottom and left to right: Nick Riley, JGI/Anna Mosser, Science North