Leadership & Staff

Leadership & Staff

The Jane Goodall Institute employs over 300 individuals who use their unique skills to develop the values, vision and the drive of Dr. Jane Goodall each day. We are a team of humans who love humans, people who love the planet and human animals who respect and work to protect animals with every decision made and action taken. Our staff ranges from field scientists affiliated with hundreds of major universities, to individuals with a combination of conservation, media, nonprofit and corporate knowledge. We are exceptionally passionate, focused and committed to conserving the world we all share.

JGI – USA Board of Directors


Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE


George Macricostas


Scott Atkinson


Addison Fischer


Mary Mapes

Board Secretary

Franklin Moore

Board Vice-Chair

Susan Sakmar


Andre Alexander


Suzanne DiBianca


Global Board


Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE


Tanya Perez Echeverria

Paul Smith
Vice Chair

Malcom Gilroy

Representatives for Africa

Daffa Immam
Vishal Agarwal

Representatives for Asia and Pacific

Paul Smith
Cameron Kerr
Bruce Berkman
Richard Hartung

Representatives for People’s Republic of China

Mary Peng

Representatives for Europe

François Hisquin

Representatives for North America

Malcolm Gilroy
Richard Quinn
Steve Woodruff

Representative for South America

Susana Pataro

Directors At Large (nominated by Dr Goodall)

Mary Lewis

Senior Management

Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE

UN Messenger of Peace

Anna Rathmann

Executive Director

Dan DuPont

Senior Vice President, Communications & Partnerships

Sarah Festa

Senior Director, Development Operations

Mary Ford

Senior Director, Roots & Shoots

Daniel Kemp

Vice President, Development

Carol Irwin

Vice President, Board Relations & Planned Giving

Mary Lewis

Vice President, Outreach, Office of the Founder-Global
Assistant to Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE

Alice Macharia

Vice President, Africa Programs

Lilian Pintea, Ph.D.

Vice President, Conservation Science

Susana Name

Vice President, Founder Relations, Partnerships & Special Projects, Office of the Founder-Global

Rachel Stritmatter

Vice President, Finance

Shawn Sweeney

Associate Vice President, Communications & Partnerships

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