2019 Annual Report

Life on Earth is precious and precarious. At JGI, we are building upon Janes living legacy of responsibility to the natural world and one another. In 2019, we amplified those connections in extraordinary ways. This is our goal — a harmonious world of connection — and, with your help, were making it real.  

As our founder Dr. Jane Goodall has shared, we have a small window of time to turn things around. But we at the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) believe in what is possible when this very human ability to shape our world can serve as our salvation. JGI is an organization founded upon Janes remarkable observations that we are not different in kind from other species, but rather by mere degree. Knowing this, JGI operates with a dedication to not only reaffirm our connections to the natural world but also to reshape them for the benefit of all. This is Janes vision. This is our mission. 

Below you will find exciting updates and stories on JGI USA’s work in 2019. A center focus to understand and contextualize this work is the dashboard below provided by our Decision Support System (DSS). Explore the maps to see how JGI scientists demonstrate the status and trends in chimpanzee habitat and population viability indicators in JGI chimpscapes.

*Note: The map below is sensitive to a scrolling mouse to change the scale of the images.*


Life on Earth is precious and precarious. Since the metaphoric day we split from the evolutionary branch we share with the ancient ancestors of modern chimpanzees, humans have become the shapers of our planet’s destiny. Humans have created an unparalleled capacity to grow and survive, and yet the cost of our determination has been the illusory disconnect from that shared branch. Our detachment from the rest of this precious Earth has driven us to a place of isolation as well as great harm, and the burden of this is shouldered by our fellow species. As our founder Dr. Jane Goodall has shared, we have a small window of time to turn things around. But we at the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) believe in what is possible when this very human ability to shape our world can serve as our salvation.


JGI is an organization founded upon Dr. Goodall’s remarkable observations that we are not different in kind from other species, but rather by mere degree. Knowing this, JGI operates with a dedication to not only reaffirm our connections to the natural world but also to reshape them for the benefit of all. This is Dr. Goodall’s vision. This is our mission.

In 2018, we launched an organizational strategy that holds us accountable for definable, scalable progress with the integration of two main goals across eight objectives. From understanding and protecting endangered chimpanzees through community-led approaches to advancing science and empowering the next generation, from inspiring hope around the world to propelling sustainable, humane policies, and investing in inclusive advocacy, we are building upon Dr. Goodall’s living legacy of responsibility to the natural world and one another. In 2019, we amplified those connections in extraordinary ways. This our hope in action — a harmonious world of connection — and, with your help, we’re making it real.

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Above: Dashboard of the DSS showing the status and trends in chimpanzee habitat and population viability indicators in chimpscapes. Users can use the dashboard to explore and visualize trends and get new insights.

Technology and visualizations like this further confirm knowledge of trends towards global deforestation and biodiversity loss. It is with tools like this that JGI can help decision-makers prioritize action, supporting local communities and governments to protect areas from destruction and/or allow for natural regeneration. Though our aim is always to improve indicators to “Very Good,” in most cases maintaining or slightly improving indicators is a huge success. This technology emphasizes the need to further invest in GIS decision-making tools and the urgent need for habitat and chimpanzee conservation through community-led approaches.

For example, the Albertine Rift montane forests chimpscape on the map experienced a surge in habitat loss after 2013. Conservation strategies need to adapt to deal with the increase in threats and avoid degradation of habitat health from “Fair” to “Poor” in the near future.
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How to use the Dashboard: of the DSS showing the status and trends in chimpanzee habitat and population viability indicators in chimpscapes. The system integrates more than 30,000 Landsat satellite images and generates data used to document these indicators over time. The DSS utilizes Esri’s ArcGIS platform and cloud operations, to visualize this data for decision-makers using the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation, ranking populations and habitats with clear conditions of “Very Good,” “Good,” “Fair,” and “Poor.”

This map interactive allows you to explore the habitat and population viability indicators across JGI chimpscapes. You can zoom into regions or chimpscapes to assess how viability has changed. For example, across Tanzania, among the core chimpanzee ranges and corridors defined by the Tanzania Chimpanzee Conservation Action Plan, degradation of chimpanzee habitat went from “Fair” to “Poor” in Ugalla corridor between 2014-2019.
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A great approach for great apes. From a population of more than one million just a century ago to less than 340,000 today, wild chimpanzees are disappearing. For more than 30 years, the Jane Goodall Institute has used a combination of approaches to protect chimpanzees by putting sustainable human development at the center of conservation — known as ‘Tacare’. By understanding habitats and threats, coupled with local knowledge, JGI works with stakeholders on all levels. Our work is proactive, identifying threats and their drivers, from deforestation to zoonotic disease to illegal wildlife trade. It’s also reflective, learning from successes and leveraging only the best of our methods.

Above: Dashboard of the DSS showing the status and trends in chimpanzee habitat and population viability indicators in chimpscapes. Users can use the dashboard to explore.
Impact Stats: Africa Programs

of leadership roles within target community institutions are occupied by women


individuals reached through JGI programs


hectares of chimpanzee habitat under management for conservation


generated from sustainable alternative livelihoods adopted by target communities


Through a Window: Chimpanzees and Ourselves. Dr. Goodall’s observation that chimpanzees make and use tools is considered one of the 20th century’s greatest contributions. Her other discoveries, spanning chimpanzee compassion, emotions, intelligence, meat consumption and hunting, primitive warfare, and mother-infant bonds, likewise revolutionized the way we think about non-human animals and ourselves. This important research continues as the longest running wild chimpanzee study in the world at Gombe Stream Research Center, led by Deus C. MjunguPh.D.

To date, more than 300 publicationsfocusing on chimpanzee health, behavior, and/or other insights, have emerged from Gombe, with thousands of researchers referencing the material year after year. This unparalleled research not only represents the value of longitudinal studies of animal behavior, including baboons, guenon monkeys, and other native species, but also the wonderful biodiversity of a single site



Scientist Jane Goodall in Gombe National Park. 1965

2010, Mary Nkoranigwa, Field Assistant (B-Record study) at Gombe National Park.


published pieces by 20 researchers in 2019 focused on topics like chimpanzee dialects, maternal behavior, and reproductive energetics


daily health sheets filled in through work led by JGI veterinarian Dismas Mwacha in 2019


fecal samples were obtained to compare things like parasite loads with observed health


The Good of All Through the Good of One. At JGI, we believe every individual has an important role to play. As we recognize the need to protect our closest living relatives from extinction, we build on the work of our founder to ensure the wellbeing of every individual chimpanzee. As Dr. Goodall and JGI’s research has shown, chimpanzees are intelligent, emotional, and social, with communities representing cultural value to the species. Unfortunately, they tragically face the physical and psychological harm of the bushmeat and illegal pet trade. To combat this nuanced and complex threat while improving the lives of survivors of the trade, JGI’s work in Republic of the Congo puts the individual first. 


Infant rescued chimpanzee Tina arrived at Tchimpounga from Angola in July 2019.



Welfare Index of chimpanzees in Tchimpounga Center


Welfare index of chimpanzees in targeted landscapes


Walking the Talk Through Roots & Shoots. Roots & Shoots is a movement to own one’s purpose, build connections, and hone personal passions. Instead of being overwhelmed by the existential magnitude of global catastrophe, these young changemakers focus on their role in their community. Through Roots & Shoots, hundreds of thousands of young people have developed a greater sense of agency, compassion, and hope. From interactive events to international summits, in 2019, the Jane Goodall Institute increased the program’s accessibility and scale by leaps and bounds. 


Where Roots & Shoots Began – Where It’s Going: Africa Programs. Roots & Shoots started in Tanzania in 1991 when a group of high school students expressed their dismay at the challenges their communities faced. Jane empowered these young people to take action, and nearly 30 years later Roots & Shoots has grown to more than 60 countries with more than 3,100 groups in African countries.  


Roots & Shoots group PAWsitive Kids who improve literacy by reading to shelter animals at 2019 Celebration in Atlanta, Georgia.


Roots & Shoots participants in the Republic of the Congo.


United States Impacts

People reached with Dr. Goodall’s message of hope and inspired through shared stories of action


New young people helped to develop compassionate traits

Africa Programs Impacts

Roots & Shoots groups implementing activities that promote respect for chimpanzees and their habitats


girls reached through JGI interventions, completing primary and secondary school in targeted communities


Science is a vital part of JGI’s DNA.” In 2019, JGI invested in its Conservation Science Department through a strategy process. The goal is to enhance our impact by harnessing collaborative research, participatory science, and innovative technologies. This work creates a foundation for science across all programs, improves collaboration with partners from academia and the private sector, and accelerates innovation 

Science as the Foundation  

Science at JGI is both an institutional pillar and cross-cutting. The platform is spatially explicitleveraging and adapting existing technologies such as Esri’s ArcGIS, Microsoft’s Azure cloudNASA’s open satellite data, as well as Maxar’s integrated space infrastructure and Earth intelligence capabilitiesBy combining local knowledge and values with geographic platform to integrate data from multiple sources, we can better understand the connections between people, wildlife, and ecosystems. 

Dr. Jane Goodall and Esri founder and president Jack Dangermond on stage for a keynote panel with biologist E.O. Wilson discussing the importance of technology in the future of biodiversity conservation at the Esri User Conference in July 2019.


A Vision For a Better World Turned Real Through Better Strategies. Dr. Jane Goodall has always been someone to reach across perspectives, open dialogues with those with whom she has differing opinions, and guide conversations that facilitate consensus and true change for the benefit of all. The Jane Goodall Institute’s emphasis on the practical application of our values and ethics, with Jane as our model and spokesperson, helps us to create campaigns, partnerships, and behaviors that embody a respect for the interconnection of life on Earth. 

Policy and Advocacy for an Interconnected World. JGI engages with policymakers, administrators, governing bodies, and corporations to promote best practices and drive change. We are protecting great apes and other species while promoting ecosystem conservation by addressing key issues, such as climate change, non-human animal welfare,  habitat destruction, and wildlife trafficking. 


Social media graphic from 2019 World Chimpanzee Day campaign to increase public awareness and respect for chimpanzees in the wild and captivity.

Infographic illustrating JGI’s core policy issue areas, targets, and approaches.



Jane for All. As a groundbreaking scientist, Dr. Jane Goodall transformed our understanding of the world; as a compassionate advocate and leader, she builds holistic solutions for complex conservation, environmental, and welfare challenges. Nearly 60 years after Jane’s initial discoveries and the landmark cultural impact of her research, 2019 likewise marked an era of awareness and change through connection, discovery, and storytelling. From expansive efforts to archive and catalogue Jane’s personal artifacts, writings, and media to technological collaboration that makes Jane’s life and teachings accessible far and wide, the Jane Goodall Institute is making sure everyone is a part of “Generation Jane.” 



Becoming Jane exhibit at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC. November 2019.



Accountability and transparency are important at JGI. Annual reports and our financial filings give us the opportunity to share highlights from our programs, the impact they are making, and how we use the resources provided by our donors to make this work possible. We watch every expense to ensure that as much money as possible goes to on-the-ground, mission-oriented programs. We value the trust and commitment of our donors, and we endeavor every day to deliver real results while maximizing the impact of our donors’ support. The work we do is much greater than what we can include in any single report.
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The Jane Goodall Institute is tremendously grateful to our Board of Directors for their shared leadership and collaboration in the pursuit of our mission.

Paul Baribault
Linda Berdine
Becci Crowe
Vivian Lowery Derryck
Addison Fischer

Elizabeth Gray
Michelle Haley
James Lembeli
George Macricostas
Keith Martin
Geraldine McManus

Mary Mapes
Franklin C. Moore
Reed Oppenheimer
Barbara Ryan
Susan Sakmar

Tedd Saunders
Elizabeth Stevens
Dafna Tapiero
Madison Vorva
Steve Woodruff

The Jane Goodall Institute is tremendously grateful to our global sister chapters and offices for their shared leadership and collaboration in the pursuit of our mission.

JGI Global Chapters and Roots & Shoots Offices

JGI Argentina
JGI Australia
JGI Austria
JGI Belgium
JGI Canada
JGI Chile
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JGI Democratic Republic of the Congo
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R&S Abu Dhabi
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R&S Malaysia
R&S South Korea


“The efforts of the Jane Goodall Institute and all who are fighting to save species and the environment are indeed the reason for hope. I am so grateful to our donors for your support of JGI USA so that we can be a beacon of hope for chimpanzees and the ecosystems they and so many other species depend on. Your support also allows us to continue empowering young people around the globe to shape a better world for all. Thank you.”

– Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE

Scaling our Impact Across the Chimpanzee Range

Over the last three years, significant support from the Fletcher Foundation has enabled JGI to pursue our ambitious strategy to advance our conservation footprint across the chimpanzee range in Africa. From Gombe to Tchimpounga to Senegal, their support has helped increase our impact, strengthen our operations, grow our network, and empower our partners and communities on the ground. At a pivotal time for both JGI, as well as chimpanzees as a species, we could not be more grateful for this support and look forward to continuing to advance together in the future.

Investing in Individuals, Investing in the Future

A longtime friend of JGI, the whole Stadler family has been involved in more and more powerful ways every year that passes. Their support in 2019 helped JGI implement critical programming across our Africa programs, including a particular emphasis on Roots & Shoots with an incredibly powerful scholarship program for Zanzibar youth as well as the continued growth of JGI’s work at the Pugu Hills Nature Center in Dar Es Salaam. With animal welfare in their hearts as well, the Stadler’s support has benefitted the chimpanzees of Tchimpounga from improved infrastructure to their day-to-day care. Support like theirs means JGI can continue deepening our impact in more ways every day. We are so glad they are a part of the JGI family.

Support with a personal touch

For more than a decade, Mary and Tim Mapes have supported JGI with a personal touch. They have been involved with the organization in a variety of roles, including Mary’s tenure as a JGI board member. In September of 2019, the Mapes hosted Dr. Goodall and the JGI team during a weekend of events that included a special donor experience in the form of a “fireside chat” and an auction hosted at their home, a warm and welcoming abode in Atlanta that’s certified Earthcraft Gold.

JGI has enjoyed many years of partnership with Delta Air Lines, where Tim Mapes serves as S.V.P. and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer. As the company has pushed itself toward corporate social responsibility, Delta has been quite serious about creating a better world and its sponsorship of JGI is a testament to their commitment. During Dr. Goodall’s visit to Atlanta, Delta kindly hosted two events for JGI, including a special employee engagement event for Dr. Goodall and Delta employees, as well as JGI’s Roots & Shoots Celebration of Compassion, Action, & Peace, a marquee event that JGI hosts each year to recognize the impact of the Roots & Shoots network.

The life of the party

A longtime friend of Dr. Goodall, Joe Tatelbaum has been a dedicated supporter, impactful funder, and former board member for JGI’s Roots & Shoots program in China as well as most recently a key sponsor for JGI’s National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) in USA. In 2019, Joe’s support enabled JGI to continue our professional development and leadership training efforts with the high school and college members of the NYLC. In September of 2019, he attended JGI’s Roots & Shoots Celebration of Compassion, Action, & Peace in Atlanta as well as the NYLC’s annual summit which he was very happy to participate in. At events like these, Joe is always the life of the party with his incredible chimpanzee- themed fashions.


The American people generously supported JGI’s largest-ever contract, Landscape Conservation in Western Tanzania, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

George Macricostas

A long-time and incredibly loyal member of JGI’s board of directors, George’s ongoing support, especially in 2019, helped ensure that all of JGI’s programs could continue to thrive and grow.

Ron & Diane Disney Miller Charitable Trust

Ron and Diane made an incredible pledge to help secure the future of JGI’s research in Gombe in honor of the 60th anniversary in 2020.

Jim & Nancy Demetriades

With the generous support of Jim & Nancy Demetriades JGI was able to embark on an important strategic planning process to establish our forward-looking and holistic science agenda and use of innovative technology.

Judy & Shelly Asher

Linda Berdine

Brenda Sheridan

Jeanne Coleman

The Jane Goodall Institute is extremely lucky to be supported by a robust and varied group of compassionate individuals, including many talented artists. We are so grateful for their kindness and stunning contributions which not only help advance our mission, but also help audiences connect to our story, great apes, and our work.

Becci Crowe

As a JGI USA board member and remarkable artist, Becci Crowe
has contributed several Dr. Goodall and JGI themed pieces using
Pen & Ink Pointillism and Watercolor. These prints are available on
the JGI eStore, including Becci’s latest portrait of Dr. Goodall titled ‘Jane’s Prayer’.

Tom Mangelsen

Longtime friend of Dr. Goodall and JGI, world-renowned American nature and wildlife photographer Tom Mangelsen has contributed
several incredible photographs to JGI. In 2019, Tom generously
donated proceeds from limited edition print sales to support our work.

Bruce Lawes

As an impressive painter specializing in stunning realism, Bruce Lawes contributed multiple pieces to JGI, including ‘Spirit of the Forest’ featuring chimpanzee mother Fifi and daughter Flirt. This is a transcendent and powerful piece that brings nature into our everyday lives. Bruce’s prints are available on the JGI eStore.

Benjamin Walls

Prestigious and award-winning photographer Benjamin Walls has been a longtime fan of Dr. Goodall. In 2019, the Benjamin Walls Gallery generously helped raise $90,000 dollars through an auction of Benjamin’s art and tickets sales to an intimate fireside chat with Dr. Goodall.


The Jane Goodall Institute is grateful to the following individuals, corporations and foundations for their support in 2019:

Individual Donors


Loretta Stadler


Steven Bing
Jack and Laura Dangermond
Nancy and James Demetriades
George Macricostas
Brenda and Dr. Howard


Rick Miller and Erica Queen
Reed Oppenheimer
Inmaculada Ortoll
Jessica and Steven Sarowitz
Lewis H. Strauss

$10,000 - 49,999

Sue Anschutz-Rodgers
Judith Saltzman Asher and Sheldon Asher
Kym Aughtry
Frederick Bear
Michael and Jeanie Casey
Gladys Cofrin and
Daniel Logan
Mark and Rebecca Crowe
David D. Cummings
Carol Currier
Robin Davis
Elizabeth Decuevas
Anita and Nicholas Donofrio
Maureen Hackett and Roman Oliynyk
Linda Lee
Felicia Lowery
Geraldine F. McManus
Claudia Miller
John Ruggieri
Ellin Simmons
Ann and Paul E. Simonds
Diana Stark
Lucy R. Waletzky
Merrie Wise
Steve C. Woodruff
Karen Buchwald Wright
Laurie Young
Susan and David Young


John and Dena Adams
Kevin and Michelle Bassett
Joyce Benenson
Daniel Cane
Jim and Lisa Challenger
Smita Dharsi
David F. Ford and Meri Bautch
Cary Franklin
Lani Galetto
Cindy Gilbert
Becky Gochman
Elizabeth Gray
Alan and Cheryl Greene
Laurie S. Henson
Sallie H. Hogan
Richard Hutchinson
Jeri Lynn and Jeffrey Johnson
Peter Laskas
Jennifer Leeds
John J. Maloof
Phyllis Meek
Peter Parham
Scott Matthews
E. Pompeo
Dr. Amy Wechsler and Rodney M. Propp
Thais Racy
Mel Malmberg and
Joseph Rohde
Sarah And Neil Saunders
Joanne Smith
Paul Stacey
Gail Stockman
Wilbur Franklin Taft
Diane Trombetta
Judy Tyson
Richard Urell
Margaret B. Wallace
Kimberly Wiggins

$1,000 - 4,999

Rochelle Abrams
Kent and Donna Adams
Beverly Adkins
Deborah Aguirre
Lisa Albert
Sharman and David T. Altshuler
Ann Anderson
Mary E. E Anderson
Paull Anderson
Meg Arnold
Sartaj Marty Arora
Ann G. Ash
John J. Atherton
Joanne Baker
Marla Baker
Richard Baker
Lee Ball
Mary Barker
George Barr
William Barrett
Diana Barrett
Joan L. Baxter
Kim Behrens
Amy Bensinger
Pamelia Best
Jay Bharadwa
Judith Biancalana
Carol Bixler
Victoria Black
Sharon Blanchet
Jan Bobrowske
Gordon Bolinger
Christine Boucher
Jessica Bourgeois
Kristin Bowen
Laurie Bowen-Krimbill
Monica Briess
Keely and Pierce Brosnan
Nicole Brown
Kirk Brown
Alison Brown
Anne Bryant
Linda Bukowski
Emily Burch
Margaret and John Burchard
Christina Burt
William & Barbara Busse
Curt Busse
Lynn Capuano
Shannon Carlson
Cannon Carr
Sandra Carroll
Barbara and Roger Carter
Sybil C. Cartmell
John and Theresa Cederholm
Theodore Chu
Margaret Cina
Jeanne Clark
Tena Clark
Michael T. Cobler
Paula Cole
John Coleman
Cherida Collins Smith
Thelma N. Colombo
Gary Condra
Nancy Coon
Patricia Cooper
Holli Cartelyou
Carla R. Corwin
Stephen Coxsey
John Crocker
Susan Crothers-Gee
Kate Cudaback
Margee and Michael Cullinan
Kathleen Curley
Anne G. Curtis
Bill Dacey
Bryon and Kate Day
Leslie De Runtz
Miriam Deantonio
Jessica DeHart
Richard DeHart
Dian Deimler

David Dempsey
Jeffrey Dennis
Vivian L. Derryck
Matt Deschamps
Judy and Charles Detwiler
Douglas DeVivo
Enid Diamante
Katharine and Mark Dickson
Manjul Dixit
Traci and Lucas Donat
Moira Dooley
Glenna A. Dowling and
Judith M. Schultz
Muriel Drewitz
Louise Dulude
Roberta Dunlap
Dr. Lucie Easley
Mary Elliott
Rachel A. English
Diane Fellin
Celia A. Felsher
Hallie Ferguson
Roxanne & Michael Field
Diana J. Fiori
Kristen K. Fisher
Henrietta Fishman
Debbie Foster
Eileen Foster
Joy Fox
Charles M. Franklin
Nanci and Michael Freedman
Jeanna French
Ted Frison
Diana and Andrew Frost
Dr. Deborah K. Fulbright
Sandra Gallagher
Balvant Ganatra
Nona Gandelman
Sam Gandy
Lisa Gansky
Cheryl E. Geffon
Barbara Geist
Dr. Andrew Getzoff
Adam Ghetti
Nancy Gilbert
Peter Gillard
Evan Giniger
Errol and Annette Ginsberg
Paula Goldman
Dr. Sara Gotheridge
Beverly Gough
Susan and Richard Graver
Kevin J. Hable
Rand And Lila Hagen
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Sheffield Hale
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Katherine C. Hall
Bruce Hansen
Bernadette Hefke
Helen Hendy
Aden Henry
Jeffrey Hermann
Alison Hildreth
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Kathryn Hill
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Eric K. Hoffer
Michael and Judi Hoffman
Jonathan Hoffman
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Jonathan Holtzman
Mandana Hormozi
Jane and Michael Horvitz
Constance Hoskins
Alice Houseknecht
Caroline Houser
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Theodore M Hutcheson Jr
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Joseph and Margaret Jester
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Jacqueline Kehle
Laura and Michael Kelly
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Gerald L. Kimball
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Chuck Myers
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$1,000 - 4,999 continued
Helena M. Pycior
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Pao A. Ramirez-Camacho
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Carol Stocking
Thomas and Ann Stoffel
Pamela and Dave Straley
Deborah Strand
Brian Strembel
Kerry Stumpe
Janet Suber
Mary Sugarman
Diane Surom
David Sutton
Nancy Swanson
Gretchen Szabo
Linda B. Tabor-Beck
Pamela J. Tate
Kristin Taylor
Cindy Taylor-Lisenby
Kathleen N. Thomas
Edward Thomas
Carol Thrane
Sharon Tomao
Annette Tracy
Gayle Treber
Peggy Turner
Clara Urbahn
Joan Van Der Grift
Elizabeth Van Vleck
Rebecca Vassallo
Emily Velez
Frank & Maria Vicini
Sarah Vigoda
James Wadsworth
Stephen A. Wainwright
Christine W Walter
Debby Walther
Diana J. Washburn
John Watkins
Eileen R. Welly
William A. West
Georgiana White
Pamela White
Regina Wiedenski
Jill Willbanks
Linda Willis
Danielle and Lee Wilson
Don Wilson
Anna E. Winand
Stephen Wolf
Roddy Wong
Wendie Wunderwald
Lily W. Yen
George Yntema
Jennifer Young
Robert Zak
Traci Zimmerman
Irma Zuniga

Foundations, Trusts and
Donor-Advised Funds


Fletcher Fund at Fidelity


Diane and Ron Miller Charitable Fund
Fund II Foundation
Linda K. Berdine Chariable Fund at the American
Endowment Foundation
The Ellen and Portia Family Foundation of the National Philanthropic Trust
The Josef Tatelbaum Foundation, a Donor-Advised Fund
of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust


Allene and Jerome Lapides Foundation, Inc.
Dr. William T. and Dorothy D. Moore Family Charitable Endowment
Eleanor Phipps Price Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
Ellin Simmons Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
Granite Trust
Guthrie Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
Johnny Carson Foundation
Klaus Family Foundation
Lear Family Foundation
Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation
Oliver’s Donor-Advised Fund at the American Endowment Foundation
Park Foundation, Inc
Phaneros Foundation at Fidelity Charitable
Rolf and Elizabeth Rosenthal Family Foundation
Ron & Cheryl Howard
Charitable Fund at JP Morgan Charitable
The Bothin Foundation
The Caldwell-Fisher Charitable Foundation
The Carter-Wallace Family Foundation at Fidelity
The Charles Spear Charitable Foundation
The Edouard Foundation
The Eric & Barbara Carle Foundation
The Jac and Eva Feinberg Fund at Vanguard Charitable
The Joseph Handleman
“I Believe in You” Trust
The Merlin Foundation
The Seymour 1989 Trust
The Wanda Bobowski Fund
Yemaya Fund at Fidelity


Ann and Gordon Getty
Bill Maher Charitable
Goldman Sachs Gives Annual Giving Fund
John & Betty Minnick Family Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
Kate W. Cassidy Foundation
Keefe Giving Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Levitt-Neckermann Family Fund at JP Morgan Donor Advised Fund
LU Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Manaaki Foundation
Mary A. and John M. McCarthy Foundation
Richard and Terry Albright Charitable Gift Fund
at Fidelity Charitable
Schlinger Family Foundation
Shelley Jo Pozez Fund at the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona
So Hum Foundation
The Apple Lane Foundation
The Buchanan Foundation Fund at Fidelity Charitable
The George and Fay Young Foundation
The Grayfox Trust
The Horn Foundation
The Katherine J. Bishop Fund
at Vanguard Charitable

The White Pine Fund
Whitney Charitable Foundation


Pamela Fair and Glen Sullivan Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
Aaron and Patricia Blumberg Foundation
Annabelle Foundation
Anonymous Fund at American Endowment Foundation
Barbour Family Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Brickman Gross Family
Bright Funds Foundation
Brodys House Foundation
Brothers Industry Fund
of Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Catherine Robertson
Donor-Advised Fund at Schwab Charitable
Chris and Patrice Gibson
Clovis Foundation
Cortopassi Family Foundation
Daniel Family Fund at
Bank of America Charitable
Donna Emerson Donor-Advised Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Doug & Vikki Kotil Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Ehrenberg Richman Family Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Frits and Letty Vanderlinden Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
Gale Epstein Charitable Fund
at Fidelity Charitable
George C. Soos Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
George Q. Daley and Amy C. Edmondson Charitable Fund
at American Endowment
Gladys and Ralph Lazarus Foundation
H.R. LaBar Family Foundation Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Ham and Katherine Smythe Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
Harris Family Charitable
Endowment at Schwab Charitable
Hawkey Family Foundation Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Hilda D. Glenn Fund of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Hoover Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Horowitz Family Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Hufty Foundation
Inman Foundation
J. Holley Taylor

$1,000–4,999 continued

Jacob Edward Hoffman
Philanthropic Fund at the Jewish Communal Fund
James R. Meadows, Jr. Foundation
Jane C. Macelree Family
Janis and Alan Menken Charity Fund
Jessie M. Harris Fund at Fidelity Charitable
John J. Moller Family Foundation
Jolene Lu Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
Julian A. & Lois G. Brodsky Foundation
Kathleen Doyle Charitable Gift Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Kleiman-Moran Charitable Fund of JEWISHcolorado
Lairmore Family Trust at
Fidelity Charitable
Laura Frank Family Foundation of Morgan Stanley GIFT
Lighting a Candle in the Darkness Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Linda and Alex Weiss Charitable Fund at the Jewish Communal Fund
Lucy’s Fund at The UBS
Donor-Advised Fund
Margot and Howard Steinberg Charitable Foundation
Maria Foundation

Mark Family Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Mary Griffith Menninger
Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Maynard P. and Katherine Z. Buehler Foundation Fund of East Bay Community
McBride Family & Aspen
Business Center Foundation
McGrath Family Foundation
Meredith Stoddard Giving
Account at Fidelity Charitable
Michelle Hirsch Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
Morris Family Giving Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Peter Fogliano & Hal Lester Foundation, Inc.
Pledgeling Foundation
PSG Fosters Rev Living Trust
Ramos Lee Family Fund at Schwab Charitable
Roebuck-Catts Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Rosalinda Guerra Perron
Donor-Advised Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Sanghrajka Foundation
at Schwab Charitable
Scarano Family Foundation
of the San Diego Foundation
SEE Fund at Schwab Charitable
SK Foundation
Susan Julia Ross Fund of the Arizona Community Foundation
Suwinski Family Foundation, Inc.
The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
The Bickham Charitable Fund
of the US Charitable Gift Trust
The Cameron Foundation
The Chris and Maureen Kenney Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
The Cooper Family Charitable Fund at Vanguard Charitable
The Dauber Memorial Fund
at Vanguard Charitable
The David H. Blair and
Mary B. Blair Charitable Fund
at Vanguard Charitable
The Double Eagle Foundation
The Giannandrea Family Fund at Schwab Charitable
The Goodman Family Fund at the Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
The Gorlitz Foundation
The Harry Donenfeld Foundation
The Honickman Foundation
The Hyman Levine Family Foundation
The James and Helen McCaffery Charitable Trust
The JeffSal Donor Fund
at Vanguard Charitable
The Josephine Peiser Charitable Foundation
The Kaplan Family Fund
The Lida Orzeck Charitable Fund at Vanguard Charitable
The Lynch Family Charitable Fund at J.P. Morgan Charitable
The Maisie Foundation
The Mitchell D. Phaiah
Foundation, Inc.
The Oedipus Foundation
The Philip Lee Ellis & Elizabeth B. Ellis Foundation
The Reidler Foundation
The Ronald Krumm Charitable Fund at Vanguard Charitable
The Sielaff Family Foundation
at The Seattle Foundation
The Susan and Ford Schumann Foundation
The Title Family Foundation
The Trico Foundation
The Turner Foundation
The Walt and Elizabeth
Bachman Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Wood Charitable Fund
at Fidelity Charitable

Bequests and Estates

Estate of Fern R. Marx
Estate of Alice S. Franks
Estate of Anita Hirsh
Estate of Arlette A. Sharp
Estate of Barbara Williams
Estate of Charlotte Mars
Estate of Concetta Ancona
Estate of Constance Brady
Estate of Agnes T. Eargle

Estate of Aloah L. Welch
Estate of Amaryllis Garello
Estate of Ann Gautier
Estate of Fern R. Marx
Estate of Gracella Lenhart
Estate of Hazinat Susan Gebel
Estate of J. Diane Sylvestre
Estate of Juliana Kickert
Estate of Grace Lamoreaux
Estate of Henry Gardiner

Estate of Herbert Jakob

Estate of Irene D. Read

Estate of Jessie M. Herndon

Estate of Joel M. Brown

Estate of P. Roger Gillette

Estate of Peter W. Lisbon

Estate of Peter W. Lisbon

Estate of Ralph Philbrook

Estate of Virginia L. Jones

Estate of Wendy A. Bergen

Corporations / Corporate Foundations


Arcus Foundation
Delta Air Lines
Disney Conservation Fund
Microsoft Corporation
National Geographic
The Walt Disney Company


Select Equity Group Foundation
Discovery Communications, Inc.
Nature’s Path / EnviroKidz
Thomas D. Mangelsen, Inc.
Otis Entertainment Corp


Chal Productions
Dirty Films
Wilderness Travel


United States Agency for
International Development
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Organizations / Partners

The 100 Black Men
of Indianapolis
Arizona State University
Aspen Institute
Young Leaders Fellowship
The Benevity Community
Impact Fund
Conservation International
Conservation Measures
Conservation Outcomes
Cornell University College
of Veterinary Medicine
Connective, Inc.
University of Colorado – Boulder
Democracy Prep Public Schools
Detroit Zoological Society
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund
Duke University
East Harlem Tutorial Program
Enviromental Research Advocates
Fidelity Charitable
Forest Peoples Programme
Foundations of Success (FOS)
Franklin & Marshall College
Fauna and Flora International (FFI)
George Washington University
Global Forest Watch
Gorilla Rehabilitation and
Conservation Education (GRACE)

Great Apes Survival Project (GRASP)
Greater Mahale Ecosystem Research and Conservation
Home for Life Animal Sanctuary
Impact by Design
Institut Congolais pour la
Conservation de la Nature (ICCN)
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
International Gorilla
Conservation Programme
International Union for
Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Kibale Snare Removal Program
La Forêt pour le Développement Intégral (FODI)
Centre de Rehabilitation
des Primates de Lwiro
Ministry of Environment,
the Republic of Angola
Ministry of Forest Economy
and Sustainable Development, The Republic of Congo
Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, The United
Republic of Tanzania
University of Maryland
Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
University of Minnesota
National Forest Authority, Uganda
National Science Foundation
The National Wildlife Federation
The Nature Conservancy

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Nonprofit Business Solutions
North Carolina State University
Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA)
Pathfinder International
Patrick & Karen McDonnell
University of Pennsylvania
Population Media Center
Project for the Application
of Law for Fauna Republic
of Congo (PALF)
Renatura Congo
RTI International
Schmidt’s Naturals
SSB Charitable Corporation
Strong Roots
Tanzania National Parks
(Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism)
Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism)
Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Uganda Biodiversity Foundation
Uganda Wildlife Authority
Union of Association for Gorilla Conservation and Community Development in Eastern Congo (UGADEC)
Urban Specialists
U.S. Trust
Virunga National Park
Wildlife Conservation Network
Wildlife Conservation Society
World Resources Institute
World Wildlife Fund

Impact Stats: Africa Programs

of leadership roles within target community institutions are occupied by women


individuals reached through JGI programs


hectares of chimpanzee habitat under management for conservation


generated from sustainable alternative livelihoods adopted by target communities